Your Pathway to Rail Industry Success – Navigating the RISQS Accreditation

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by Peter Philpott 
| 6 December 2023

In the interconnected world of the UK rail industry, gaining a foothold and establishing a reputable standing is crucial for suppliers aiming to contribute to the sector’s continuous growth and innovation. A pivotal step towards this goal is the RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) accreditation from the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS), a comprehensive supplier assurance framework designed to streamline procurement processes within the rail industry. As a consultancy firm with a robust track record, we specialise in guiding businesses through the RISQS accreditation process, ensuring they are well prepared to meet the industry’s stringent standards.

Why RISQS Accreditation Matters

RISQS serves as a gateway for suppliers to demonstrate their capabilities and gain visibility among over 90 buyer members, including major players in the rail industry. The scheme is recognised as an effective means of managing supply chain risks, thereby providing buyers with the assurance they need to do business confidently. Achieving RISQS accreditation not only validates your business’s capabilities but also positions you favourably in a competitive market.

Our Expertise in RISQS Preparation

Our dedicated team of consultants is well versed with the RISQS operational framework that aims to ensure businesses have the requisite capabilities and processes to apply these safely within the rail sector. We offer a tailored approach, providing insight into the audit process, assisting with the documentation, and offering actionable feedback to enhance your
operational readiness for the RISQS accreditation.

Governance Insights

The RISQS governance comprises a committee with broad representation from across the rail industry. Understanding the governance structure is essential as it reflects the collaborative ethos of the scheme. Our consultancy service extends to providing in-depth insights into the governance framework, ensuring your business is aligned with the expectations and standards set by the industry leaders overseeing RISQS.

Technological Advancements and Continuous Improvement

With the rail industry evolving, RISQS, too, has transitioned to a smarter and more efficient operational model. Our consultancy services encompass a thorough understanding of these technological advancements, aiding your business in adapting to the new IT platform that supports RISQS, thereby ensuring a smooth accreditation process.

Community Engagement and Networking

Being part of the RISQS community provides an opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders, share knowledge, and stay updated on key industry topics. We facilitate networking opportunities, guiding your business in leveraging events like the RISQS Membership Conference for meaningful engagements and continuous learning.

Securing RISQS accreditation is a strategic move towards establishing a credible and
competitive standing in the UK rail industry. Our seasoned consultants are here to navigate you through every step of the accreditation process, ensuring a seamless journey towards achieving RISQS accreditation and propelling your business to new heights within the rail industry landscape.

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