In the challenging debt collection landscape, our specialised tracing solutions are pivotal in locating elusive debtors, ensuring the swift and successful resolution of outstanding debts.

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What is Tracing?

Tracing in debt recovery is locating debtors who have moved without updating their contact details or are actively avoiding communication to avoid repaying their debts. By leveraging various technological tools and investigative expertise, our tracing services proficiently track down these individuals, facilitating the debt recovery process.

Our Tracing Methods

We deploy a multifaceted approach to tracing, encompassing extensive database searches, thorough analysis of credit histories, and strategic field visits when necessary. Our methods blend modern technology and the seasoned skills of our tracing professionals, guaranteeing high accuracy in locating debtors.

Legal Compliance

As an organisation operating within England, we strictly adhere to the legal guidelines set forth by the UK’s data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Our tracing practices are conducted with respect for privacy and ethical standards, ensuring a responsible and lawful approach.

Benefits of Tracing in Debt Recovery

Tracing is a game-changer in the debt recovery process. For creditors, it means enhanced recovery rates, reduced financial loss, and a more efficient collection process. Our services are not just about finding debtors; they offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to managing outstanding debts.

Our track record of success showcases our effectiveness. Our tracing services have markedly improved debt recovery outcomes from local businesses to national corporations. We can trace debtors all over the globe and are not restricted to just UK debtors.

Let unresolved debts be a thing of the past. Reach out to us today to explore how our expert tracing services can revolutionise your approach to debt recovery. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through securing your financial interests.

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Really can’t praise these guys enough. They are knowledgeable, professional and extremely diligent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my debt collection services!

Natalie Thompson

Martin is highly efficient and knowledgeable.
Highly recommended if your in a jam.

Adam Walker

I had some unpaid invoices and could not get an answer from the client in question. After several attempts, I felt I had no other option than to take action to recover the amount owed. I spoke with Martin from PLC debt and explained the situation in detail. Martin then advised me that this is something that he would be able to deal with and with that, I passed over all of the information that I had. This took place on the Thursday morning. I had an email on the Friday morning from Martin to say that a letter had been sent to the client. I expected this would take a few weeks to resolve, maybe even months but I was wrong! The payment hit my account on the Tuesday!! Martin and his team were extremely efficient from the initial contact and kept me informed of progress throughout. I can’t recommend this company enough. Thanks to the team at PLC Debt for your help and making this a pain free process. I will definitely be using these again when needed and have already recommended to several people

Andy Harvey

Martin and his team provide excellent service. They provide a calm reassurance, are highly professional, and are successful in getting results. Highly recommended.

Martine Robins

I used PLC Ltd to settle some fairly old accounts that hadn’t been paid. Martin and his team are excellent with regular communication when needed. I would recommend PLC Ltd in a heartbeat.


Truly exceptional perseverance from Martin and the recovery & enforcement teams. An extremely tricky case: through Covid-19, through multiple times address changes and chasing through the legal system we finally recovered our funds. WOW I didn’t think it was even possible from the beginning! Thanks again.


Really can’t praise these guys enough. They are knowledgeable, professional and extremely diligent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my debt collection services!

Accounting Connections

Excellent service and very good results, they are like the Ronseal they do exactly what they say on the tin!!

Andrew J Good

An outstanding business run by outstanding professionals.
Martin who leads the team, does so by example and the systems and procedures in the business ensure a seamless process for clients.
Thank you for your help

Pete O’Keeffe

The team at PLC have been fantastic! I have never had to deal with a legal matter before this occasion and from taking initial advice about my case to the final outcome, everyone has played a part.

A particular thank you to Emma who explained clearly each step of the process and put my mind at ease on a difficult matter. Removing the jargon and explaining everything clearly. Not to mention all of the correspondence and legal representation were incredibly impressive.

Thank you everyone at PLC Debt.

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