Take a look at the list of some of the types of business we assist on a daily basis below to see how our expert team here at the Pro-Legal Group may be able to support your business.


As an accountant running a busy practice we understand that your time is spent advising on the finances of other businesses and this can occasionally mean that you neglect the finances of your own. We work with many accountancy firms to as an outsourced credit control and recovery department.  As with any professional service firm we understand the importance of balancing the need to be paid with the need to preserve relationships.  We are experts in this regard so contact us today to see how our team can help.


We often undertake work on a retainer basis for bookkeepers and work in conjunction with them and their clients to collect monies due to the end client.  This adds value to the service of the bookkeeper who is able to not only maintain the books but also to act as credit control.

Our team acts for a number of business consultants and coaches who have outstanding fees for work they have undertaken. We understand that cash flow is king as they are often sole traders or small limited companies and our team are experts at ensuring their clients are dealt with in both a compassionate yet proactive way to ensure that they are paid in a timely fashion. Give us a call to find out how we may be able to assist you in dealing with the same.
Credit Controllers
We are able to act as an extension of credit control companies to either offer one off specialist advice or even to help offer training to their teams to ensure they are aware of legal developments and have the practical experience to offer debt recovery services. Get in touch with us today to see how we can add value to your team.
Funeral Directors
We understand that collecting outstanding balances in these difficult and emotional circumstances can be challenging and requires compassion, understanding and empathy. We often liaise with law firms and or other advisors in relation to probate to ensure that, where appropriate, we have negotiated undertakings with them to ensure that debts are paid from the proceeds of sale or estate funds before any distribution is made to beneficiaries. If you are a funeral director in need of assistance, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist in clearing your outstanding balances.
Our team assists many car part companies and motor garages to ensure that any outstanding invoices are paid on time. We particularly specialise in dealing with diagnostic works where the solution to the problem is not always known and often the client expectations of what should be done do not always match the reality of what needs to be or can be done. We deal with these matters in a swift but fair way to ensure that you are being paid in a timely fashion.
This sector requires particular sensitivity and has to be dealt with empathetically as it can be an emotional time filled with stress and worry for families. Our teamwork with a number of care homes and medical companies to ensure bills are paid on time. We can liaise with law firms or other professionals where necessary to ensure that undertakings are provided where a property is to be sold to secure monies without the need for a legal charge.
Insolvency Practitioners
Our team is able to assist Insolvency Practitioners with undertaking actions for misfeasance, wrongful trading and where justified to pursue delinquent directors to hold them accountable for their actions whilst running a company to receive monies for the creditors as a whole. Our team is also experienced in undertaking work in relation to section 216 of the Insolvency Act allowing purchasers of insolvent companies to reuse company names. If you are an insolvency practitioner please contact us to see how our team may be able to assist you.
Insurance Brokers
We assist a number of insurance brokers in collecting outstanding commercial and personal debts. Many of the debts our team collect are in relation to the time on cover charge where a policy is paid for in instalments and these have been missed. Our team are also experienced in dealing with insurance companies to ensure that any outstanding insurance claims are dealt with quickly and efficiently and have a number of partner organisations who are able to assist us with the same.
Our team are proud to act for a number of manufacturing companies nationwide, manufacturing everything from Formula One car parts to film production and pet production to heavy engineering works. The team understand that supply chain management is key as well as the importance of just in time processes and the need for stage payments to be made on time in order for schedules to run smoothly. Our team is happy to assist in retrieving money where due to ensure that production does not need to be halted and your business runs as smoothly as possible.
We assist a number of commercial property and quantity surveyors to ensure that commercial rents are paid and that also any construction works undertaken are paid for. Our team understand the requirements of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1966 and the powers that are available in relation to Pay Less Notices meaning our experts can guide you through the myriad of legislation to make this complication process straight forward and worry free. Our team regularly provide detailed commentary on specific contracts (such as JCT and NEC) to ensure that your business understands your obligations under these contracts where you may otherwise find yourself liable for nasties hidden in the small print. If you feel our team may be able to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Veterinary Surgeons
Our team acts for a number of veterinary surgeons collecting outstanding balances for treatments undertaken on much loved pets. This can be emotive and sensitive work and we are experts at approaching this with both empathy and understanding. Outsourcing this work to an independent third party can help to remove the emotion from a scenario and ensure that payment is received. Our team also understand that a large amount of work is undertaken out of hours or in emergency scenarios and taking instantaneous payment is not always practical. Our team are on hand to ensure your bills are paid as soon as possible. Contact us to see how we can help your business today.


I have use PLC for several reasons, from Compliance to Debt Collection, and every single part of the process is seamless!!!
Service, advice, pricing, support, availability for queries – everything is 2nd to none and they definitely offer a great service!!!
I have been dealing with Peter Philpott for Compliance, superb!!! Nothing is too much trouble and no question is silly! He has the patience of a Saint; thorough, professional and really supportive in a minefield of questions I don’t understand.
I cannot recommend this Co enough, wish everyone was as professional and helpful!

Jenny Lowe

I don’t normally leave reviews but this time I have made an exception ,Working with Plc compliance for past four years has been an absolute pleasure. Pete and Martin have been an absolute godsend for us. Their dedication to ensuring legal compliance is unmatched, from navigating complex regulations to implementing effective compliance strategies, Plc Compliance has been instrumental in safeguarding our business and our operations. Worth every penny and highly recommend.

Mark G