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As a small business, any interruption to your cash flow could have a major impact. Dealing with unpaid invoices and bills can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Professional Legal Collections works with you to take positive action and help you get back your money. Our team successfully recovers debt in excess of £750,000 every year.

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Debt recovery without borders

Our team tracks debtors down around the world, across Europe, the US, South Africa, Asia – and beyond. Most countries have a reciprocal agreement to recognise judgments from different countries. We liaise with partner agencies to enforce the judgment and recover your debt. Your terms of business will determine whether you can bring the claim in England and Wales.  Find out more about our International Debt Recovery.

Tracing and recovery

To start the recovery process you need to know where the debtor is. As part of our debt recovery package, we offer a tracing service. This is particularly useful for landlords if a tenant has absconded.  Our team are able to track and trace people worldwide and have a 90% success rate. It is no trace no fee.

The four stage recovery process:

1. The pre-action protocol complaint letter
This is a letter sent to the debtor providing them with full details of the debt, when it should have been paid and any extra interest or fees that are now payable by them.  It sets a deadline for payment and then outlines the process for a County Court Judgment (CCJ) should this deadline not be met.

2. Issuing proceedings
If our team do not receive a response to the initial letter, legal proceedings are issued through the County Court.  The Court will issue a claim form requiring the debtor to make payment of the debt (and interest and/or fees) within 14 days.  The Court fees vary according to the level of debt but our team can advise you of the same at the outset of the matter.

3. County Court Judgment (CCJ)
The Court orders the debtor to pay.  Once you have this judgment, you can take steps to enforce this judgment to collect your debt.

4. Enforcement
There are a variety of different ways you can ‘enforce’ a judgment and recover your money.  We will advise you on the most appropriate action, depending on the amount of debt and the circumstances of the debtor.  Once you have decided how to proceed, we will manage the process on your behalf, making sure you get your money back as quickly as possible.

High Court Enforcement Officer
If your debt is more than £600, this is the most effective way to recover money. The HCEO is employed by a private company and is paid on results, which means they have the incentive to collect your debt. Professional Legal Collections has a long-standing professional relationship with a team of highly skilled Enforcement Officers who promote firm but fair enforcement. Their agents visit the debtor’s premises to secure payment or to take control of the debtor’s assets to the value of your debt.

County Court Enforcement Officer
You can use this method of enforcement for debts under £600. As an employee of the Court, the CCEO is not incentivised to collect debts and this can therefore have a limited impact.

Third-Party Debt Order
This allows you to take the money from someone who holds or owes the debtor money. With this order, you can freeze money in the debtor’s bank account and recover your claim directly from their bank or other third-party.

Attachment of Earnings
Through this order, the money you are owed is paid directly to you from the debtor’s salary, as a monthly sum. The money is sent to the Court and forwarded to you. You need to know the name and address of the debtor’s employer to pursue this action.

Charging Order
This enforcement secures the debt against the debtor’s property, this secures it for the long-term until the property is conveyed. You can usually only force an order for sale of a property where your debt is over £15,000.

Order to Attend Court for Questioning
This requires a debtor to attend Court to answer questions on their finances. You don’t gain payments from this process, but it may help you understand the best enforcement method to use. The longer you leave a debt uncollected, the harder it is to recover.

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I had some unpaid invoices and could not get an answer from the client in question. After several attempts, I felt I had no other option than to take action to recover the amount owed. I spoke with Martin from PLC debt and explained the situation in detail. Martin then advised me that this is something that he would be able to deal with and with that, I passed over all of the information that I had. This took place on the Thursday morning. I had an email on the Friday morning from Martin to say that a letter had been sent to the client. I expected this would take a few weeks to resolve, maybe even months but I was wrong! The payment hit my account on the Tuesday!! Martin and his team were extremely efficient from the initial contact and kept me informed of progress throughout. I can’t recommend this company enough. Thanks to the team at PLC Debt for your help and making this a pain free process. I will definitely be using these again when needed and have already recommended to several people

Andy Harvey

PLC Debt were superb in dealing with the case we had with a client. Their service was excellent and professional. We would gladly recommend them to colleagues, friends and family.

Akin Tikare

Sadly had to appoint PLC as I was having huge issues getting money owed to me by solicitors from moving house, Martin and his team understood and took me through their process, what they would do and how they plan to move forward, they all kept me up to date through out and made sure everything was clear and understandable.

They battled with NBM solicitors for me and did mange to recover the money that was owed and fees, I had tried for a long time to collect the money and certainly wouldn’t have been able to without PLC. They all have been a massive help and super friendly, I felt the case was in safe hands and would be felt with.

I would fully recommend using PLC if you need them.

I really can’t thank you all enough!


Knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Would 100% recommend

Iona Lee

A fantastic service and very professional.

James King

Martin is highly efficient and knowledgeable.
Highly recommended if your in a jam.

Adam Walker

An outstanding business run by outstanding professionals.
Martin who leads the team, does so by example and the systems and procedures in the business ensure a seamless process for clients.
Thank you for your help

Pete O’Keeffe

Martin Kingman is extremely knowledgeable and is outstanding in his profession, very professional and diligent. I would 100% recommend PLC Debt.

Julie King

Really can’t praise these guys enough. They are knowledgeable, professional and extremely diligent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my debt collection services!

Natalie Thompson

I was owed a large amount of money by a client that made one excuse after the next.
I engaged PLC to help me recover my money. From the first meeting explaining my case and throughout I can only highly recommend PLC for the service they have delivered for me.
And more importantly for me I got paid in the end!!
Finally got paid!!

Leo Budenbender

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